The benevolent joker looks down upon you

My Resume In PDF … because apparently HR departments can't stand plain text. Updated 09/03/2016

Hi, I'm Justin George.

I'm a hacker, sometimes freelance. I like Javascript, Ruby, sometimes Rails, Haskell, Scheme and GIS/Map stuff. I also do a lot of small business related stuff - marketing, branding, advising, etc.

In my spare time, I'm a mad scientist (mad chemist seems less exciting...) and craftsman in wood, metal, and plastic, with an interest in sculpture and stage makeup.

I'm in Portland, OR, USA right now. At or about 45.3N 122.4W

Drop me a note if you're interested in working with me, buying me a drink, or need some advice, I'm always happy to meet people, new or old.

For people interested in learning how to program and/or run a business (or any of my hobbies per above), please feel free to contact me. I'm quite happy to teach you anything I know.

Image source: James Ryman